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The Differences In Designing A Million-Dollar Website And A Hundred-Million-Dollar website

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    A professional website is the face of a company. It is not only an effective communication tool but also an expression of the company’s brand and reputation to customers. Due to its importance, many website design and construction services have appeared with different costs and diversity. So in this case, how should a business choose between a million-dollar website and a hundred-million-dollar website to be most optimal and effective? Let’s find the answer in the article below!

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết A Million Dollar Website And A Hundre

    The differences in designing a million-dollar website and a hundred-million-dollar website

    1. Differences in source code and coding time

    The first difference between a million-dollar website and a hundred-million-dollar website is the source code and coding time. Low-cost websites are often designed from open-source principles such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. Despite the advantages of this method, all being readily available and easy to install, using these codes in the long run may result in redundant features that slow down the website.

    On the other hand, high-quality, high-cost websites are deployed based on the specific needs of your business. These websites use either closed-source or 100% hand-coded sources. Although this approach will undoubtedly take more time to implement, it confidently meets all the requirements that the business needs, eliminating redundancies, optimizing performance, and thereby enhancing the user experience.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết Differences In Source Code And Coding

    Differences in source code and coding time

    2. Differences in aesthetic interface

    The downside of standard websites due to financial constraints is that they spend little time refining the design. This also leads to less highly rated interfaces and user experiences. The compatibility on desktop, mobile, and tablet could be better. They will use available website templates, and you can only change the colors at a basic level. Therefore, most websites may look similar and must be more suitable for the business’s products.

    In contrast, a ‘hundred-million-dollar’ website will be customized by professional agencies according to your preferences. After meticulous research on the market, industry, and customer experience, these website designs are more suitable for the brand, from layout, colors, fonts, and optimized features.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết Differences In Aesthetic Interface

    Differences in aesthetic interface

    3. Differences in hosting services

    Hosting services are a noticeable difference between a website and a hundred-million-dollar website. Standard websites, to optimize costs, tend to be placed on ‘public servers.’ These servers not only host your website but also many others. As a result, these websites are often subject to issues such as overload, disruptions, and poor operation. In the worst case, if one of these websites violates Google’s policies, the server will also be affected.

    In contrast, high-cost websites are usually placed on private servers and customized to be compatible with the programmed source. With such unique features, high-cost websites always operate stably without interruptions.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết There Are Differences In Hosting Serv

    There are differences in hosting services between the two types of websites

    4. Different page loading speeds

    As mentioned above, ‘million-dollar’ websites use open sources to become various types of websites. To achieve this, web developers often have to develop code with many themes, plugins, and multiple modules. This makes the code size significantly more extensive compared to writing your code. These websites also come with many unnecessary features that consume a lot of bandwidth and slow down page access.

    On the other hand, ‘hundred-million-dollar’ websites focus only on the necessary features that the business requires. This helps to meet all the business’s activities, remove unnecessary features, and speed up page loading.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết Hundred Million Dollar Websites Have

    Hundred-million-dollar websites have faster page-loading speeds

    5. Differences in security capabilities

    Using ‘public servers’ with multiple other websites poses risks of data theft and various attacks, such as Local Attacks, a form of attack where a hacker gains control of any website on a shared server; they exploit it as a stepping stone to take down all other websites. This is one of the security risks that ‘million-dollar’ websites may face.

    However, websites using custom codes designed and built to order often have their security mechanisms that only the website design unit can influence. This helps to limit cyber attacks.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết Million Dollar Websites Have Lower Se

    Million-dollar websites have lower security levels

    6. Website upgrade capabilities

    Websites that use their code, following the developer’s rules, make it easier to adjust or add to the upgrade. The time and cost of the upgrade process are also reduced.

    This is less convenient for million-dollar websites because they use shared servers and open-source codes, making adjustments a time-consuming process. You must comply with the rules of the providers. And sometimes, you may encounter compatibility issues when integrating into an existing website.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết Million Dollar Websites Face Many Cha

    Million-dollar websites face many challenges in the upgrade process

    7. Differences in the handover process and maintenance

    For a website construction package with a cost of a few million dollars, after acceptance and handover, the service is considered completed. If you encounter any problems during the use, it isn’t easy to request support. You will have to spend a considerable amount depending on the specific case for adjustments. In the worst-case scenario, you have to find a new unit to perform maintenance. Common problems often arise from server or code updates to new versions, making the old interface and installed utilities incompatible, websites being attacked, changing interface structure, and even data loss.

    For the ‘hundred-million-dollar’ website, you do not have to worry about this issue because it has been planned when implementing the project. The executing units will still accompany you in the transfer process and provide long-term technical support. When problems arise, they are easier to fix because they proactively manage the source code and website infrastructure.

    Hubcom Hình Bài Viết It Isn't Easy To Perform Maintenance

    It isn’t easy to perform maintenance using a million-dollar website


    ‘Million-dollar’ websites or ‘hundred-million-dollar’ websites have different purposes. Depending on the business’s direction, they can choose the most suitable option.

    Standard websites are affordable, quick, and simple enough. The quality and safety are sufficient. However, this group needs to optimize the interface, user experience, or integration of marketing/sales tools and other future needs like ‘hundred-million-dollar’ websites.

    Hopefully, through the information provided, Hubcom has given you an objective view of the differences between these two types of websites. Contact Hubcom immediately if you have questions or need detailed advice on website design services!”


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